“Access Bars” Testimonials

I have decided to start an “Access Bars” testimonial page as people just seem to have such incredible experiences during and after their “Bars” session.

I have also included one of my own testimonials when another practitioner ran my “bars”. I really felt such benefit from the treatment I wanted to share this with others. People often suffer from competition nerves or pre-exam stress, and from my experience may benefit from a “Bars” session prior to taking part in competition or to help nerves before taking an exam. Enjoy the stories below. 

”On the day of the Truth Matters conference in GlasgowI had quite a severe headache and I had been suffering with a cold for a couple of weeks at that point, and it was really beginning to drag on. As I felt so rough on the day my daughter encouraged me to have an Access Bars session as she had experienced such a wonderful shift of energy and healing during her Bars session that I thought it sounded like something I should try.

It was a wonderfully relaxing experience, and the whole thing seemed to pass by in a flash, many images passed across my mind during the session and it all felt very comfortable. Within a couple of hours my headache had gone, I felt much more alive than I had in the morning and by the next day, my cold had completely gone. I was quite astonished as I don’t get sick very often but when I do it does seem to last way too long. This cold just disappeared in a flash.

I can highly recommend giving the “Access Bars” healing a try for whatever symptoms you have. Ultimately you have nothing to loose by trying it. I will definitely have more treatments from Jeni in the future, and I think if you do try it you will be as surprised and as pleased as I was.”

Dean Rees-Evans

“I really enjoyed having my “Access Bars” session and I have had some fairly dramatic results actually…During my session I coud visualise you switching off a part of my brain and another bit being switched on. As the focus and intention during my session was on relationships, I wasn’t expecting miracles but it now seems that “Access Bars” are more powerful than I expected. This last week i have come to some conclusions that almost every relationship in my life has become a compromise! I accept second best from people and I sell myself short. As you can imagine this realisation has caused a little unrest but I am positive I can make some real changes to my outlook as a result. Thank you (I think). I will let you know how my radical new philosophy works out!”

Jo at ASK

 “Following my remote Bars session with May, I had the opportunity to play tennis for my team the next day, something I hadn’t done for a couple of months. My performance was amazing. My tennis partner said”Your on Fire tonight”.

I have never felt so relaxed and chilled about playing tennis before which meant all of my tennis that evening came to me with “ease, joy and glory”. My recommendation, if you have any sort of exam, test or sporting event that requires you to be focussed and relaxed, then have a Bars session the night before………..and yes we won all our games!”
Jeni (Access Bars Practitioner and Facilitator)
I have to say “The Bars” session I had with you was quite simply incredible. I’m not sure I could put in to words the immediate and lasting benefits and effect the experience had on me. The images and feelings I felt at the time still come in to my mind during my dreams. 
Donna  (Truth Matters Conference)
 Remote “Access Bars” Testimonial:

 This morning my phone rang and I picked up to hear the voice of my friend, Jeni calling me in Canada, long distance from Scotland. She told me that she would begin running my “Bars”, as we had agreed the week earlier, in five minutes and reminded me to relax and enjoy the experience.

The previous week had been filled with stress and I had experienced an inordinate amount of physical and emotional discomfort as a result of it. My fear and stress manifested itself in the form of extreme fatigue, a sore stomach and a chronic cough.

The fact is, I have had an on-going battle with anger and fear. Over the years, I have struggled with my self and feelings of depression. I am very accomplished at hiding these things in order to work and be responsible and contribute to my community but sometimes I feel debilitated by my inner struggle as human being and require some respite from it.

This morning was one of those mornings. Yesterday my partner and I had a particularly busy day and I found myself becoming overwhelmed by all the people we were encountering. My social anxieties got the better of me. When we finally got into bed at the end of the night, I couldn’t hold onto my emotions any longer and I shared with my partner, my longing to engage with people despite my fear of them. He, being the best and kindest partner listened and comforted me.

Then this morning Jeni called and told me that she was running my “Bars “for me. Even though we had arranged to do this the week before, the timing of her call felt quite magical. It was perfect timing and it struck me that there was a real kindness in the act of trying to help someone heal their mind in this way. Our minds are so forgotten and neglected in modern health practices. Jeni is filling this gap and I think that she is very brave to be doing so and perhaps ahead of her time.

I visualized Jeni working on my “Bars” in her home and relaxed completely as she did so. I allowed myself to let go: of the tension held in the muscles of my stomach, of the negative tapes that go round and round in my mind, of the lists of things that I should do, of the thousand ways in which I could be better. I allowed myself to wonder about the mysteries of my a-typical nature and where it might be pointing me. I allowed myself to imagine that perhaps the reason I am a-typical is because there is something in particular, based on my traits, that I have to do. “What if my differences are the answer to my puzzle rather than the obstacles to my success?” I asked myself. I thought, “What would happen if I just listened for a change instead of fighting?”

I fell asleep during the session and awoke two hours later. My heart felt lighter and my mind was calm for a change. I was thoroughly relaxed and I felt cared for. My husband and I talked quietly together for an hour or more. There was a joyful, blissed out feeling between us. Later, I felt famished and I made us a heaping plate of french toast slathered with butter and maple syrup. My morning was wonderful.

Thanks for being brave enough to tread in uncharted waters and share your experience and skill with others, Jeni!

I was fortunate enough to meet Jeni MacNab when I was going through a separation while living in Perth, Scotland. We began a dialogue about mind, health and spirit at that time and I have benefitted enormously from our conversations and exchanges over the years. I know from experience that Jeni is a gifted coach and pioneer in the area of body, mind and spirit. She is a true seeker.

Rachelle (Canada)